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Welcome to - the completely free, simple-to-use online dating site for singles with profile search, free messaging, dating site reviews and articles:

  • Completely free. Join now for free to search personals of singles and, once you've been approved, send and receive messages. No monthly or quarterly subscriptions.
  • Whether you're looking for love or just friends, Daydream Dating is a great place to meet people.
  • Minimal data entry required. Register in minutes.
  • Full control over who sends messages to you.
  • Unlike some internet dating sites, complete freedom to delete your account whenever you want.
  • Read what others have to say about certain dating sites and add your own reviews and comments.

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Blondesmiles46, age 55. Orange Park, FL.Tjs007, age 27. Charleston.Ashley511, age 29. Rockaway, NJ.Sac1984, age 32. Senoia, GA.

Daydream Dating is a completely free online dating service for singles. There is no charge for any service to any person using this site, no credit card required, no subscriptions, no enticing you for free and charging you later. Other than our fairly common-sense terms and conditions, you are not tied to any agreement and can delete your account at any time. We offer free profile search, messaging, dating site reviews and articles.

There is no obligation to divulge lots of information on registration. Whilst we insist on a reasonably informative or entertaining description, you do not have to tell us other things like marital status or whether you have children. We operate a contact system for messaging so that no other member can send you a message until you have explicitly agreed that they can send you messages. We only allow search engines to browse summary information so, unlike some well known internet dating sites we could mention, your full profile is not publicly available on the internet.

We operate internationally but you can restrict operation to your local area and can block contacts from further a field if you wish.

This site is aimed at singles, whether that be for love, friendship or just social contact. We do not encourage profiles registered for any other reason.