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First Meeting
Whilst nobody would get anywhere if there were no meetings after chatting on a dating website, you need to take precautions to ensure your own safety. In most cases there will be no problems whatsoever but you only need to meet that one rogue person to cause problems. Here are some suggestions, some may be over the top but you can use this list as a reminder and then use your own judgement from there on: Always meet in a public place where there will be people around, either well lit or in da ...(Read more)
Beware of Dating Scammers
Scammers are people who use illicit methods on the internet for their own gain. This may involve tricking people into giving them money or they may wish to get people to visit their own website or send them mail so that they can gain in some way from that. Scammers often register on dating sites with the hope of gaining someone's confidence over a period of time and then asking for help to get out of some sort of situation. So beware of: Quick requests to communicate outside the dating site b ...(Read more)
Fake Dating Profiles
Fake dating profiles are created on dating sites for a number of reasons. Here are the main types I've come across (listed most to least harmful):1. To scam the user and make money illegally for the owner of the profile. Always be suspicious if anyone asks you to send them money. The owners of such profiles often claim to be visiting or working in one country whilst residing in another. The profile often has religious references and the expression "god-fearing" crops up quite often. Once you've ...(Read more)