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1. Registration & Your Account
2. Use of this site
3. Other
1. Registration & Your Account
1.1. What do I do if the country is incorrect?
This site attempts to determine your country from your IP address and in your case has determined your country to be United States. Occasionally, our records may be incorrect, especially if you live near a national boundary. In such cases where you are trying to register and your country is not actually United States the site will offer you a drop-down list of alternatives, but this will only appear if you have scripting enabled.

1.2. Why is it saying that my timezone is incorrect?
As an extra form of verification during registration, once you have entered your country (or accepted the default country given) we check your timezone against the range acceptable for that country. For example, we expect users in New York to be on Eastern Time and those in the UK to be on GMT or BST. This helps prevent users in Africa, for example, pretending to be Americans or those in Eastern Europe pretending to be British. You must therefore register in the country you are in, so if you are an American living in Thailand you must enter your country as Thailand.

1.3. What's the difference between my account being 'verified' and 'approved'?
Verification is the process of proving that your email address is valid. Once you've done this you can access most of the site. Approval is us saying that we're happy with your profile and you can now be seen on search listings and send messages.

1.4. How long do I have to verify my account? What do I do if my verification email doesn't arrive?
Once you've entered your details you should receive an email straight away containing your verification code. In some cases, where your email service provider perceives it as junk mail, this email may be delayed in arriving or may not arrive at all. If it fails to arrive, you could try adding our domain ( to your ISP's list often referred to as "safe senders" or "whitelist". If you don't do this before you start, you'll unfortunately need to delete and re-enter your profile to try again and get another verification email. If it hasn't arrived within 24 hours please contact us.

When you've received your verification code, you have 30 days to enter it on the registration page. Any accounts that are not verifed within 30 days are automatically deleted.

1.5. Can I disable my account?
Approved members can only receive messages from people on their list of contacts, so if you no longer wish to receive messages from a particular person you can simply remove them from your list. You can also use our settings page to limit those who make initial contact. However, the only way to avoid being seen on searches is to delete your account whilst logged in via the registration page. You can always register again at a later date.

If your account has never been approved, maybe intentionally left as "just looking" because you have not entered a description of at least 200 characters, your profile will never be seen on searches anyway. This is also a useful mode of registration if you just wish to leave a comment on the site and not interact in any other way.

1.6. What happens when I delete my account?
Many internet sites retain your details for a period of time after you delete your account. This can be just in case you're "not sure" and want to come back, or simply for technical reasons where there is information linked to your account seen by other members (such as messages). However, this site is designed so that your information is deleted immediately with the exception that, provided you've verified, we keep a record your screen name, email address and IP address. We remember your screen name so that we can avoid confusion and stop anyone using the same name in future and identify any articles, reviews or comments that you've written on the site which will remain. We remember email and IP addresses so that we can stop spammers simply deleting and recreating accounts once we have identified them as fraudulent.

1.7. I made a mistake and entered the wrong email address, can I change it?
  • Firstly, if you have logged out, log back in using the incorrect email address and password from before
  • Then go back to the registration page. If you have not previously verified this will be shown as "Verify" on the menu, if you have and are just changing your email address this will be shown as "Your Account"
  • Edit your email address to the correct one
  • Press "Submit" at the bottom of the page. The site will then send you a new verification code

1.8. Why don't you allow registration in my country?
Our aim is to provide a good level of customer service. We simply do not have the resources to provide this in every country of the world. From our own past experience, some countries have a disproportionately high number of spammers and scammers, that is, people who try to register with poor quality or fake profiles. This simply wastes our time as we need to spend time reading and rejecting them so we have made the decision to concentrate on a core set of countries. We are sorry if this disappoints you, but we feel sure you'll be able to find another site that will help you.

2. Use of this site
2.1. How do I send a message from the 'Messages' page?
You can only send a message from this page in reply to a message you have already received or as a continuation to one you have already sent. The primary way to send messages to someone is to find them on the search or contacts page, click on their photo to take you to their profile, and then send a message from there. You need to be logged on, of course, and messaging is only available once your own profile has been approved and once you have exchanged contact requests with the person you want to communicate with.

2.2. What information is divulged when I send a message?
When you send a message we just put it into the recipient's inbox on this site. We then send them an email (from us) so that they know their inbox has a message in it. At no point do we tell them your real email or name - in fact, we don't even hold your real name unless you've made your screen name similar to it.

2.3. What types of photos can be uploaded?
Our upload page supports gif, jpeg, png, wbmp, wxbm and bmp files. Unfortunately, other types of image cannot be uploaded so you'll need to convert to one of these first. Please be aware that photos are reduced in size and resolution to fit on the site, so if you have a particularly large photo you might be better off reducing it in size with a local application first, especially if you have a slow internet connection as it will then upload faster.

Portrait, rather than landscape, photos will fit in their places on the site better, but this isn't a restriction as photos are automatically cropped to the correct shape.

2.4. Why hasn't my photo been approved?
We usually won't approve any photo that:
  • is obscene or contains nudity
  • is irrelevant to the profile such as a photo of a film star, landscape or plant pot!
  • has a watermark, stamp or other writing on it
  • is too small or of poor quality
  • is a duplicate or near duplicate, ie. where two copies of the same photo have been uploaded
  • is in black & white
Our site will try to automatically recognise photos that are small, poor quality or black & white. Where it identifies such a photo it will mark it as "not approved". If you feel strongly that the photo adds value to your profile or has some special meaning you can ask us to manually reconsider.

Further, whilst we may occasionally be flexible, the main photo must:
  • be a photo of the person registered
  • show you on your own
  • be a close-up of your head and shoulders
  • have been taken recently
  • be clear and in sharp focus
  • not show you with red-eye
  • be taken with your eyes open and clearly visible (no sunglasses or hair across your eyes)
  • be of you facing forward and looking straight at the camera
Your main photo is the one that appears on searches done by others, on contact lists and against messages. If your main photo has not been approved it won't appear in these places and you won't appear on searches that specify "Must have photo".

Just because you see an existing photo on the site doesn't mean that a similar one will be approved because our photo checking has become more stringent since some of our earlier members' photos were uploaded.

If you upload an exact duplicate image the second occurrence will be automatically marked as a duplicate. The correct course of action is to delete the second image. If you delete the first, the second will remain marked as a duplicate so you will still need to delete it. You could then upload the first again if you wish.

2.5. What post/zip codes work on the search page?
You should generally enter the full code, although in countries where the code has two parts you can get away with just the first part (e.g. M4C for Toronto, Canada, or SW1 for London, England). You can also enter post towns so you can find, for example, people within 200 miles of 'New York'. If you're not sure of the code you want to search near, you can leave it blank and the search will just use the other criteria that you've typed in.

2.6. Why are the distances shown less than I would expect?
All distances are as-the-crow-flies as they are worked out from latitude and longitude derived from the post or zip code. As such, they will be less than the distance it would take to drive between the two points.

2.7. Why have I been logged out?
If you find you've been logged out and returned to the home page it may be because of your first use after a prolonged period of inactivity. During busy periods, your session may time out after 20-30 minutes of inactivity.

2.8. How many people have registered?
This site is still relatively small so please be patient and support us whilst we build up our database. It will take time to build up our membership and, in the meantime, we apologise to those of you who are unable to find any suitable matches and hope you will come back to visit us again.

2.9. Why is one or more of my contacts listed as "STATUS REVOKED"?
When a person initially registers we make sure that their email address is valid by sending a verification email. However, if their email account is later closed we won't notice that until there is some activity causing us to send them an email, such as you sending a contact request. If we then get a response from their email service provider saying that their email is no longer valid we will mark them on this site as "STATUS REVOKED".

In extreme cases, we may also occassionally make a judgement that a user has behaved unreasonably. Examples of this would be copying profiles from elsewhere that we didn't notice initially or sending rude or abusive messages. In such cases the profile will also be marked as "STATUS REVOKED".

Once a user has had their status revoked they will no longer appear on searches, so the most likely place you will see this is on the Contacts or Messages page.

2.10. Can I delete contact requests?
Once you have made a contact request it will be listed as "AWAITING REPLY". In the short term whilst it remains waiting to be accepted or declined you cannot delete it because we will have notified the recipient and the next course of action is theirs. However, so that your contacts and messages pages do not get too cluttered, if the request is neither accepted or declined within 30 days it will be automatically deleted. After this time there will be no record of the request, which can even be re-issued if so desired although it probably makes no sense to do so.

Once a contact has been accepted you can then choose to remove them if you wish. You cannot remove contact requests that have been declined by the other party to avoid users being contacted by people they don't want to speak to.

2.11. What happened to favorites and blocking?
We used to operate a system of favorites whereby users could keep a list of people they liked which others could view. Similarly, we gave users the ability to block people from contacting them. So our default operation was to allow communication between two people until proven unwanted.

However, this allowed anybody who had registered and been initially approved to at least have one attempt at contacting any other member, resulting in the occasional mis-use of our messaging system. We therefore decided to change to a system that does NOT allow communication between two people until proven wanted. Any two members must now become "contacts" before they can send messages to each other. The list of contacts has replaced the list of favorites. Furthermore, members can specify criteria to narrow people down before they even ask to be a contact.

2.12. Can I use smileys?
We support emoticons in both profiles and messages. To enter a smiley you need to enter the textual code for it in your profile or message. For example, if you enter :-) it will be displayed as Regular smile.

2.13. How do I change my screen name?
We may occasionally deem a screen name inappropriate, or you may just change your mind, but we regret that once your account has been verified your screen name can't be changed because it is used to identify activity on the site.

If your profile has been rejected because of your screen name you'll need to delete your account and re-register.

2.14. Why has my IP address been blocked?
If you're interested in this question and have managed to get to the point of reading this, you're probably reading this via a proxy.

This site has several measures to reduce the problems caused by bots - computer programs which masqerade as users and hit lots of pages or enter dummy information in web forms. Once this site identifies a user as a nuisance bot it automatically blocks their IP from using this site in future.

Occasionally, though, the techniques used will trap an innocent user. Such a case is during the use of "screen readers" for blind or visually impaired people or any situation where just the text of the page is used and the CSS styling is ignored. We apologise for such cases, but regret that the site does not support such readers and would respectfully submit that the screen reader should be improved to take account of CSS styling.

3. Other
3.1. What pays for this site to operate?
This site is completely free from the user point of view. We use advertising to gain revenue, but this is disabled from time to time based the demographic of the user.

3.2. Someone has copied my details (or those of someone I know) from another site and used them to create a fake profile on this site. What should I do?
We do our best to review profiles when they are created or amended but occasionally the odd spammer slips through. We apologise if this has caused any inconvenience but don't hesitate to contact us with a brief explanation. We'll then investigate and remove the profile if appropriate as soon as possible. Remember, though, that some people register on several sites so although the profile may look similar to one on another site it may be completely genuine.

If it looks as though we've missed some piece of evidence or in hindsight the profile is obviously suspicious we'll usually suspend it straight away. In any case, we'll send an email to the holder of the profile and if we don't receive a satisfactory reply in a timely manner again we'll suspend the profile. Whether or not we receive a reasonable reply, we'll reply to you with the outcome.