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80s Video Dating Montage
80s Video Dating Montage - If at first you don't succeed try again, and again, and again ...
Dating Losers
Dating Losers - Some real oddballs here, but I suppose you have to give them credit for trying. Whether they'll get anywhere is another matter though!
Frustrated Video Dater
Frustrated Video Dater - Not a good way to attract ladies! This seems fake to us, but quite entertaining.
Wedding Bloopers
Wedding Bloopers - All in the best possible taste! From "aww" to "ouch".
Clumsy Best Man
Clumsy Best Man - If this happened for real I'll eat my hat! Either some people are very clumsy or they just want to be noticed.
Arnie on 1973 Dating Show
Arnie on 1973 Dating Show - I hope the girls know he was manufactured in 2029! Still, he turned out to be a goody in the end.
Borat Dating Sketch
Borat Dating Sketch - Sacha Baron Cohen doing his Kasakhstan thing with some seemingly unsuspecting dating coach. High five!
Trenita - Seems a nice enough old lady.
Online Dating Advice
Online Dating Advice - This gal seems to know her stuff but it's all common sense really. Probably worth a quick listen.
Out Cold
Out Cold - Hmm, he should have worn a crash helmet! Hope he's OK.
The Future of Dating
The Future of Dating - I wondered where I was going wrong. Now I know to look out for girls checking their phones for my profile!
Dating Tips for Guys
Dating Tips for Guys - Listen, she knows what she's talking about, I think!
Rowan Atkinson, Elementary Dating
Rowan Atkinson, Elementary Dating - The genius at work, although many say his best work was in the Black Adder series.